Customer Testimonials

Dear Pat and Carol..

Hi! I'm old fashioned in that I like ordering by phone and I like to thank people who are as nice and who go out of their way to help me and give great service! Thats how I was raised, I really appreciate how patient Pat was when I spoke and that really meant a lot to me and Carol was also so very friendly and patient when she took my order and I appreciated that as well.

I looked at several Army Navy Websites and I chose yours because it has the largest selection, best prices and also because you are fellow Pennsylvanians. I made a list of items I want to order as I said and I will be placing more orders in the coming months. I am really looking forward to getting all the other things I want.

You are both so nice and it comes across clearly that you really care about your customers and about giving great customer service, its not just a job to you I wish more buisness owners were like you and I lwould love to be able to visit your brick and mortar store someday. Thank You again for your kindness, patience and great merchandise. I am looking forward of becoming a regular customer and I have already recomended you to friends. Good Luck and increased success to you. You'll be hearing from me again.

Sincerely, Desi G   01/16/14   


To Fatigues Army Navy

I would like to thank Carol for contacting me this morning in regards to my sons order for a pair of boots. I somehow did not get a confirmation email, possibly cleaned by my av program, I wrote an email Yesterday expecting a response some time next week, I was called ASAP this morning and informed that the boots were probably on backorder, she will call back tommorow when she speaks to Pat.

I call this Great Customer Service, please tell her thank you for me. I have been in retail since 1984, I am now a manager for the #2 Office Supply Store in the world. If Customer service was treated as well as you do, we would as Americans still be number #1. 

Again Thanks      
Morris C. 03/04/14  

Fatigues Army & Navy Surplus Gear Company  

Five Star Aces!

Lots of inventory if you want to browse their store in person, and super super fast shipping if you order online. Either way...the staff are very friendly!

Thank You
Nate C. 03/29/14

To Fatigues Army Navy

My son opened the present containing his boots, and has "marched" around the house ever since. He loves them, which says a lot for a kid who hates anything on his feet. Everything seems to be quality, even the zipper. Looking forward to hiking and camping in them. 

A special thanks to the guys at Fatigues Army Navy, you will never know my appreciation to you guys for what you have done for my son. They recommended a size change, which was spot on. Not to mention a huge surprise when I found out they 2nd day air shipped the package so my son could get it on his Birthday (12/24).

Paul B.  12/28/13

Great Quality!  Fatigues Army Navy 

I placed and order from this website and the order was fulfilled correctly, quality was great, and I definitely would order from here again.

Thanks Alot
Mike C 12/23/13  


Fatigues Army Navy 

I have ordered a lot of clothes, including a military surplus parka, from FAN and am very happy with them. The pants (I'am a small) run true to size and are well made. Here in Illinois we have had an unusually severe winter, and the parka keeps me toasty on nine-mile hikes. Everything was an excellent value and I have already referred several friends. We had one snag with an order and the staff was cooperative and made things right, so they will be getting a lot of business from me in the future.

Thanks & Merry Christmas                                                                                                          

Susan J. 12/14/13


To Fatigues,

Yooooo....i needed gear for a music video, and waited to the last minute, found Fatigues Army Navy on the internet. Called the office, and the staff (Pat and Carol)was so helpful, took my order over the phone, set me up a two-day air shipment...and wa-la... I got my order in time. The merchandise was good quality, I was Impressed!!!  

Thanks Normin   04-18 -14  


Fatigues Army Navy

Son Loves His Boots!!!  

Bought these for my son. He is 10. He likes the height that they add to him. He said they are comfortable. The only trouble he has is running in them. They are a tad roomy on his little feet. 

I would like to add the excellent customer service I received while ordering these boots. We received in a timely manner.

Thanks Much Shawna  4/18/14