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Fatigues' Backyard Summer Essentials...


1. American Optics 58MM General Aviator Sunglasses | 2. Olive Drab Super Hammock | 3. Olive Drab Ripstop Military Boonie Hat | 4. Deluxe Kids Military Style ABS Plastic Helmet | 5. The Backyard Tipi | 6. General Purpose Medical First Aid Kit | 7. GI Army Type Insect Repellant | 8. Black 1050 MM Wide Angle Binoculars | 9. 2 Quart Desert Canteen


Look no further than Fatigues for everything you need for backyard fun in the sun. 
From lazy weekend afternoons to cookouts with the neighbors, we have you covered.

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Kids Camo & Adventure Gear for the Outdoors

Fatigues Army Navy stocks a full line of Kids Camo Clothing and Adventure Gear. We will outfit the kids in some of the most unique kids camouflage that they can wear from head to toe. You can find a wide collection of the coolest kids army fatigues, safari vest, kids boots, camo caps, backpacks, tents, [...]

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The Preppers & Campers Survival List

 Introducing our collection of Military, Camping, Survival and Prepper Gear for the great outdoors. You can find everything from fire starters, water purification, hydration systems, compasses, cookware, flashlights, mre's and many more supplies that will help you through the many moods of mother nature for your next trail hike, overnighter, outdoor adventure. So if you need [...]

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New Rothco 1/4 Zip Military Tactical Combat Shirts

If you are looking a shirt that is made for total comfort, function and for protection these Rothco 1/4 Zip Military Tactical Combat Shirts have that and more. They make an ideal garment for military, tactical, outdoor for use in the field under hot, heavy body armor and tactical vest. Made of a no melt, [...]

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Original Swiss Army Alpenflage Cape Ponchos

Here is a really unique multi purpose poncho that were made for the Swiss Army and is one of my personal favorites in the military surplus department. I have one packed in my bug out bag for foul weather for emergency situations it can double up as a ground cloth tarp and quick hooch shelter [...]

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Camping and Survival Mess Kits

Looking for a mess kit for your next camping adventure?  The Stainless Steel 5 Piece Mess Kits are Ideal for Camping and Survival. These mess kit are made of heavy duty polished stainless with a stay cool handle and will not change any taste. Fatigues Army Navy Gear is your source for all camping, outdoor [...]

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Welcome to our New Site!

How do you like our re-design? Visit us on Facebook and let us know what you think!

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