What’s Clipped onto Your Utility Belt? (You Should Have These)

Posted by: Fatigues Army Navy Outdoor Gear on 28th Mar 2024

What’s Clipped onto Your Utility Belt? (You Should Have These)

Whether you wear a utility belt in the line of duty or simply prefer the ergonomics for airsoft, MilSim, paintball, or something like that, you should make sure you’re equipped with the following bare minimum essentials.

Spare Magazines

If you carry, you need to carry spare magazines. There may be space for that in your concealed carry jacket but if not, you need to get some spare mag carriers and attach them to your belt. Between two and three should suffice, but let your experience and discretion be your guide.

Pepper Spray

Now on the flipside, if you don’t carry a sidearm, you might want to consider bringing pepper spray along as a non-lethal deterrent. You can get special pepper spray carriers/utility pouches that you can affix to your belt or just keep it in a mag carrier instead.

A Multi Tool

Every utility belt needs a quality multi tool, though let what functions you need be determined by the conditions you commonly face. You’ll never run out of scenarios in which you need a pair of pliers, wire cutters, or a saw to get out of a bind. A good option like a Leatherman Skeletool that has an integral carabiner is a good choice - but there are many others. Just make sure you have a good way to attach it to your utility belt so it doesn’t get lost.

A Knife

                   multi tool

There is a reason that every single list of EDC essentials ever concocted has “knife” in the top spot. Actually, there are many reasons. These are the most fundamental and utilitarian tools out there. Get a good belt sheath for your utility belt or use the knife’s clip to affix it to your belt so you have easy access. Both fixed and folding models are suitable, but fixed blades are better for rougher work. The best suggestion is to carry one of each - one is none and two is one, remember.

A Flashlight

A flashlight should be just as high on every EDC essential list as a knife is, even though the uses of the two are totally different. A good flashlight is a must have as you never know when you will be caught in the dark and, as a modification of the old saying goes, “what you can’t see can still hurt you.” Either way, you’re not prepared if you aren’t prepared to get caught in the dark. You’ll be ready with a spare flashlight. Also, if you use a model that takes disposable batteries, make sure you carry some spares - add these to your utility belt as well.

A Lighter

                  multi tool

We’re going to put a lighter fairly low on the list of essentials but it’s still a good idea to have one, so if you can make space for it, carry it. Lighters can be used to light fires in an emergency, as well as to light candles if your flashlight dies. They also have other niche uses like cauterizing needles and fusing the ends of synthetic rope. Your belt won’t be that pressed for space. You can probably afford to carry a lighter.

A Pen

                                multi tool

Here’s another saying you can add to those that we’ve offered so far in this short article: “if it’s worth remembering, it’s worth writing down.” Take those words to heart and make sure you carry a quality pen in your utility belt or elsewhere on your person. Make sure it’s a tough model that can handle abuse and rough conditions. Preferably, get one made of steel or tungsten alloy that will double as a self-defense implement. Also, if you can afford the space, carry one of those weatherproof notebooks like a Field Notes booklet or a Rite in the Rain waterproof notepad.

A Flash Drive

Flash drives have a niche use so if you don’t think you need one, don’t carry it. All the same, in some lines of work it may be necessary to stay equipped with a way to take quick downloads and make quick uploads. Either way, they’re light, affordable, and practical, and it’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it - there’s another saying for you.


                 multi tool

Carabiners are light, cheap, and worth their weight in gold .You know why? Because if there’s something that we egregiously overlooked in this guide, or you just didn’t notice it until you saw it and thought, “I wish I could add that to my utility belt,” if you’ve prepared with carabiners, you will be that much more likely to be able to clip it on there. These are your bug-out essentials, because if you forget anything, these will be the spare real estate you need to make last-second adjustments.

Gear Up Your Utility Belt Here

Use this list as a jumping off point. There are other things that experience might have taught you that you need to have on your utility belt, but this is just a good place to start.

Gear up here with these essentials and more - we have them.