What a Concealed Carry Jacket Should Offer You (What to Look for)

Posted by: Fatigues Army Navy Outdoor Gear on 15th Apr 2024

What a Concealed Carry Jacket Should Offer You (What to Look for)

It’s often quipped that if you make the decision to practice concealed carry, that one of the most important subsequent decisions you can make has to do with what gun you will carry and what ammo you will shoot.

It’s relatively easy to see why this is the case, but something that doesn’t get quite as much press is what sort of holster you should carry the gun in, or, on a similar wavelength, what sort of concealed carry jacket you should wear.

As the latter influence access to your choice of a personal defense weapon, they are nearly as important if not every bit as important as what you carry in the first place.

So, take these considerations into account when you’re looking for a concealed carry jacket.

A Concealed Carry Jacket Should Have a Zipper, Not Buttons

There are lots of different styles of concealed carry jackets out there, but one big thing to look for is a jacket that does not have buttons.

There is a very good, very simple reason for this. Despite the fact that you might like the look and operation of buttons, they are not as easy to disengage as a zipper is. A zipper will allow you quick access to your PDW with one fluid motion and ideally no hang ups - which is sadly just not the case with buttons.

This is the reason the majority of jackets for concealed carry are made with zippers, and why that’s what you should be looking for.

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It Must Not Print

“Printing” in this instance refers to a scenario in which clothing shows the outline of your gun or holster. It is invariably not a desirable trait.

The entire purpose of concealed carry is just that - it’s concealed. Printing is not only indiscreet, but it can be dangerous in some situations.

Therefore you need a jacket with just enough bulk not to print your firearm, even if it’s a full-sized pistol or revolver with quite a footprint.

It Should Allow a Good Range of Motion and Unrestricted Access to Your PDW

You want a jacket that will allow you good access to your weapon and support it without printing, but which doesn’t bind you.

This is a tricky line to walk because the more flexible a jacket becomes, and the greater the range of motion it offers, usually the less support it offers to what’s in the pockets.

So you need a good jacket that offers a decent middle ground here, offering you good range of motion while still supporting your gun/holster.

It Should Be Breathable and Flexible but Still Protective

Even if the concealed carry jacket you have your eye on has a waterproof membrane, you don’t want it to suffocate you. It should also be comfortable or you will hate wearing it: therefore, it should be breathable and flexible enough to keep you comfortable through most seasons, bringing up the next point.

A Good Concealed Carry Jacket Should Be Practical Through Most Seasons

When you’re looking for a concealed carry jacket, one aspect you’re going to have to trade off is how insulative it is.

If a jacket is too bulky and too warm, it will not print and it will keep you comfortable in the coldest winter months, but at a cost - you won’t be able to wear it through the warmer months of the year.

Conversely, if the jacket is too light, it will be uncomfortable for you to wear during the coldest months of the year.

The solution here lies in a balance - you should look for what we might call a “three-season” jacket. That is, one that you can wear in the spring, fall, and even summer, but might want to trade during the colder months.

Or, optimally, you should get a relatively light jacket that you can comfortably wear during those three months, but which is still roomy enough inside for another midlayer, so you can stay warm when it’s quite cold outside.

That solves both problems, so you can wear the jacket throughout the entire year, and still have easy access to your firearm.

It Should Have Space for Other Accessories

A quality concealed carry jacket should also have plenty of spare space for essentials, for instance, spare mag pockets. Several of the high-quality jackets we carry here have internal pockets with space for spare mags and other accessories as well.

Pockets like these should be zippered or have hook-and-loop flap closures to provide a degree of secondary retention to prevent you from accidentally dropping or losing anything, whether it be a magazine or a personal valuable.

A Quality Concealed Carry Jacket Should Run a Little Bit Large

As stated, you will need the extra space if you ever want to put another layer under the jacket if the temperatures drop.

Even if the jacket has excellent insulation, you will want the flexibility to add another midlayer on exceptionally cold days. If the jacket is too tight, you won’t be able to.

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Your Next Concealed Carry Jacket Is Here

Looking for your next concealed carry jacket? You’re in the right place. Fatigues Army Navy carries a wide range of jackets for concealed carry, along with holsters and other apparel and accessories for shooting and personal defense.

Take a look through our catalog and get in touch with us if you have any questions.