Subdued Urban Digital Camo Boonie Hat

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The Subdued Urban Digital Camo Military Boonie Hats are made of poly cotton, washable, packable and ideal for travell. The urban digital boonie hats have a wide 2.5" brim which can be shaped to your needs. The boonie hat also has an adjustable chin strap comes handy on those windy days also screened vented sides for those hot jungle type days, they also have shell loops around the hat making them a great outdoors.  

Rothco's Classic Military Style Boonie Hats are functional & fashionable and made to government specifications.

  • Boonie Hats Are Made To Government Specifications
  • 4 Screened Side Vents Allow Heat To Escape The Hat, Keeping Your Head Cool
  • Loops Woven Into The Sides Of The Boonie Can Be Used To Stick Leaves And Branches In The Hat Which Can Be Utilized As A Form Of Camouflage
  • Adjustable Chin Strap Keeps The Hat Securely Place On Your Head Or Around Your Next When Not In Use
  • Comfortable And Breathable Poly / Cotton Material