Nail Head Tent Stakes

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The 10 Inch Nail Head Tent Stake is an essential tool for securing Tents, Canopies, Landscape Trims, Patio/Garden Structures and more.

  • The Camp Stake Is Made Of A Durable Heavy-Duty Steal With Milled Edges Which Allow You To Easily Dig Or Drill Into The Ground 
  • Versatile Plastic Head Features Hook And Rope-Stringing Eyelet For Securing Down Ropes And Also Provides An Easy Pull Handle When Removing The Tent Peg
  • An Essential Outdoor Tool Which Is Great For Securing Tents, Tarps, Canopies, Landscape Trims, Patio/Garden Structures, And More
  • Tent Stake Measures 10 Inches Long 
  • Tent #456
  • Excellent For Home - Camping - Survival - Emergency Supplies