GI Type LC-1 Kidney Pad

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The GI Type LC-1 Kidney Pad is an oversized padded hip pad made of nylon, with quick a release fastex buckle and adjustable straps. The GI Type LC-1 Kidney Pads are used on Alice Back Packs and frames to make it comfortable to when carrying your gear load. These Military style Alice Pack Design LC-1 Kidney Pads features an over-sized pad that evenly distributes the weight of the military equipment over a large area. The LC-1 Kidney Pad is easy to install and features convenient quick release buckle and is fully adjustable. 

  • LC-1 Kidney Pad Attached To Your ALICE Pack Frame To Distribute Heavy Pack Loads Over A Larger Area To Reduce Stress On The Body
  • Fully Adjustable ALICE Pack Kidney Pad Accommodates Most Body Types
  • Quick-Release Buckle For Ease Of Putting On And Taking Off
  • Kidney Pad Measures 17 Inches X 5.5 Inches
  • Color: Olive Drab #2263
  • Military-Tactical-Outdoor Gear