Top Army Jackets from Our Collection

Posted by: Fatigues Army Navy Outdoor Gear on 15th Jan 2024

Top Army Jackets from Our Collection

Army jackets may have become a fashion statement, especially among fans of streetwear and grunge aesthetics in recent years, but make no mistake about it, these jackets were designed to protect servicemen and keep them warm.

It was always about function first, and fashion second (if at all). They’ve simply been adopted for and appropriated to the latter.

With that said, you can still incorporate army jackets into your wardrobe effectively, not only for fashion, but as practical outerwear for hiking, camping, hunting, trapping, airsoft, paintball, or other outdoor pursuits.

Or, simply if you need a quality outerwear garment to keep you warm. Here are some top picks from our collection.

Rothco M-65 Field Jacket (Coyote Brown)

The original M-65 field jacket was designed for our troops to be worn in moderate temperatures, between 50℉ and 65℉. M-65 field jackets (also sometimes referred to as field coats) were worn throughout the 60s and 70s.

Today, a variety of companies make reproduction M-65 field jackets, and one of them is Rothco. Their coyote brown version is a great one.

This M-65 repro includes the liner (great for colder days) and is made with a water-repellent outer shell, for toughing it out in inclement conditions.

It also features a concealed hood, along with a heavy brass zipper, a storm flap, adjustable hem, and 4 capacious snap flap front pockets for carrying all of your essential gear.

Rothco Concealed Carry MA-1 Flight Jacket (Sage Green)

Also from Rothco, but not an M-65 Army Jacket, is their Concealed Carry MA-1 Flight Jacket (this one in sage green).

Sage green on the outside and surprisingly warm and comfortable, this concealed carry jacket is also reversible and features a blaze orange lining, making it perfect for hunters. It also has a water-repellent outer shell.

It also features padded concealment pockets on both sides of the jacket (great for right and left handed users) as well as four mag pouches.

In addition, this concealed carry jacket has two inside slash pockets, two front slash pockets, and a zippered utility pocket on the left sleeve.

Rothco Woodland Camo MA-1 Field Jacket

                  MA-1 Field Jacket

With a classic bomber jacket look, this is basically just an iteration of the concealed carry version of the MA-1 jacket mentioned in the last section.

This Rothco Woodland Camo MA-1 Field Jacket, however, is good for both fashion and function as it has a US Woodland Camo shell (water repellent nylon) as well as a blaze orange liner. Like the former jacket, it is reversible.

This one also features two front and two interior slash pockets as well as a zippered utility pocket on the sleeve along with an outside pencil pocket.

This classic army jacket also features brass zippers with leather pulls for extra durability and style.

Rothco A-2 Brown Leather Flight Jacket

                  MA-1 Field Jacket

Looking for a leather army jacket that has even more appeal? What you’re looking for is the Rothco A-2 Brown Leather Flight Jacket that we also carry here.

Made from soft, supple, genuine Nappa leather, this jacket offers a vintage look and feel, classically reminiscent of an old fighter pilot jacket, and offering plenty of protection from the elements.

It features a zip-out polyester liner for breathability and extra comfort on especially chilly days, as well as plenty of options for storage, with two front flap pockets with flap and snap closures and two slash pockets behind those.

Great for everyday wear and with a classic look, these leather army jackets are one of a kind.

Alpha M-65 Field Jacket (Olive Drab)

Alpha M-65 Field Jackets (this one in olive drab) are a great option if you like the classic look, feel, and function of the original M-65.

These versions are perfect for civilian wear, and are made with a 50-50 cotton-nylon blend for a good mix of water-repellency and durability, as well as a modicum of warmth.

Tear-resistant, with brass zippers and snap fasteners, these Alpha M-65 field jackets are comfortable, warm, practical, and feature concealed hoods. They’re also equipped with ample pockets for storage.

They’re also great for outdoor sports, as well as for official use amongst law enforcement professionals and first responders, and make great work jackets, too.

Vintage Camo Lightweight Expedition Field Jacket

Another gem from Rothco, these Vintage Camo Lightweight Expedition Field Jackets are a top choice for a wide range of activities, ranging from casual everyday wear to outdoor sports - or just to keep in a trunk bag or bug-out bag for unexpectedly cold conditions.

Made of pre-washed 100% cotton for comfort and durability, this jacket offers plenty of warmth and protection against the elements in moderate conditions. It can also be treated with a waterproofing agent to improve its permeability characteristics for use in wet conditions.

Moreover, it offers plenty of space for storage, with four exterior pockets with button flap closures, so you’ll have no trouble stashing all of your gear.

For Cold Weather: Rothco Vintage Camo M-51 Fishtail Parka

                            MA-1 Field Jacket

Last but not least, if you are looking for an army jacket for wear in truly cold conditions, check out our collection of military parkas, specifically our Rothco Vintage Camo M-51 Fishtail Parka.

Designed to keep our soldiers warm in the bitter cold of the Korean Peninsula during the winters of the Korean War, the M51 Parka is substantially heavier and warmer than the M-65 field jacket, and this version is no exception.

This one is made with 100% cotton fabric that is not only soft and warm, but durable, and like the jacket mentioned above, can be treated with a waterproofer, to make it better in wet conditions.

This army jacket, like many of the others here, is optimized for space and storage, and features two capacious pockets with snap closures at the front of the shell.

These parkas have had their liners removed, making them better as spring and fall jackets, so if you’re looking for some extra protection in the dead of winter, get an M51 parka liner or a set of M51 field shirts and pants, which are made of heavy wool and which are extremely warm.

Discover These and Other Army Jackets

Not seeing what you’re looking for? Check out our whole collection of army jackets via the previous link, and if you have any questions, contact us at 877-612-1253 and we will be happy to help.

Now all you’ve got to do is pair up your favorite jacket with a camo shirt, a utility belt and some camo cargo shorts and you’ve got the look.