G.I. Military Style Aluminum Canteens

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The G.I. Military Style Aluminum Canteens are a throw back to the WW2 style design. These are a one quart canteen made of heavy gauge aluminum with the screw on top cap with safety chain. Please note that all of our 1 quart canteens pouches fit this canteen.

Our G.I. Style Canteen is made of durable aluminum, can hold up to one quart of water, and has a screw-on cap that is attached to the canteen with a safety chain.

  • G.I. Style Canteen Has A Durable 100% Aluminum Body
  • Holds Up To One Quart Of Water
  • Safety Chain Attached To Screw-On Cap
  • A Perfect Addition To Your Outdoor And Camping Gear Collection
  • Cup Not Included
  • Fatigues #414 
  • Camping - Survival- Prepper - Emergency Supplies